A strategy for your international development

It is important to have a clear, well thought and achievable export strategy, instead of a few prospects scattered in four corners of the world

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Stratégie développement international
We assist you in developing your commercial strategy to expand internationally, taking into account your specific needs, your constraints and your real market opportunities.


The study and realization of our mission are carried out in full collaboration with your company.


Our proposed solutions will be pragmatic and achievable.

Some examples

Listed below are some examples of issues to which we try to give a concrete answer:


  • Is your company able to export? Is it appropriate to export?
  • What are the foreign markets in which it has the greatest chance of success?
  • What are your exportable products or services?
  • Which customer segments do you wish to target?
  • How do you position yourself in these targeted markets?
  • What strategies need to be implemented?
  • What adaptations are needed for you to achieve this?
  • What distribution channels to choose?
  • How to find a local partner or partners (agent, distributor, partner, licensee, etc.)?
  • How to select this/these partner(s)?
  • What can you propose this/these partner(s) by contract?
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