The drafting of international contracts

and assistance with negotiations

A written contract is above all a guarantee to stay on good terms. Do not rely on standard contracts. Call upon the services of an expert.

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Rédaction de contrat internationaux et assistance à la négociation

We draft tailored international trade contracts for importing and exporting companies.


They can be written in French or English.


We take into account not only your negotiations, but also your specifications and customs particular to your industry and your business habits.


We show great pragmatism and we pay attention to the practical aspects of a commercial transaction.


Our goal is to reach a fair agreement that satisfies both parties and ensures a successful, achievable and serene collaboration in the long term.

Types of contracts

Here are some examples:

  • sales contract
  • purchase contract
  • service agreement
  • commercial agency agreement
  • distributionagreement
  • licensing agreement
  • franchising agreement
  • joint venture agreement
  • research and development partnership
  • import or export general terms and conditions
  • confidentiality agreement / non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  • letter of intent (LOI)
  • memorandum of understanding (MOU), etc.

Assistance with your negotiations

INTRADE Services is at an advantage: it not only offers contract drafting services, but also helps you achieve optimal results through effective preparation and assistance in your negotiations.


By using a simple but effective method, INTRADE Services helps you to prepare for your negotiations with foreign partners.

INTRADE Services




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